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0-day Art

. . : D E S C R i P T i O N / S T A T E M E N T : . . is the work of Chicago-based artist, Sarah Weis.
The work was produced for Speed Show: Extra Credit, in response to the question, "What is Internet?" For the work, Sarah auditioned over 100 voice actors by asking them to state their own personal definition of the Internet. The submissions she received were then posted on the site and a public voting period was planned to decide the one voice actor whose work she would award with $100. However, yesterday she received a takedown notice from stating that she violated their terms of service and insisting on her "immediate cooperation" on the matter. Today at 4:00PM EST Sarah took down the site along with all of the voice recordings, but not before we were able to back up all of the files. Copies of Sarah's original job posting and the takedown email she received have been included in this release pack.
-from .nfo file included in 0-day's release, 2012-04-19